Friday, 20 July 2012

Types of personal Injury Claims

There are all kinds of instances where people can suffer a personal injury that a claim can be made for from using a solicitor. Here are some of the most common claims:

Trips, slips, falls – falling anywhere can result in an injury; from tripping over a curb whilst walking down the street to slipping on a spillage in the local supermarket. The injuries sustained as well can vary greatly from a small cut or bruise to a full on broken leg.

Accidents in public places – any accident that occurs in a public place could be cause for a claim as hazardous spots should be carefully signposted to try and deter accidents happening.

Spinal injury claims – spinal injuries can happen from being knocked over, involved in a road traffic accident, injured whilst at work or injured from a slip or trip.

Claims involving untraceable drivers – being involved in a hit and run can be very serious so making a claim can help.

Skin disease cases – there are lots of different types of skin diseases that can affect a person’s life either in the workplace or in public places.

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

5 Simple Reasons Why You Should Make a Claim

1. It Could Make You More Financially Secure

2. It Could Help Your Recovery

3. It Could Identify Risks for Others

4. It Is Quick and Easy

5. It Is Your Legal Entitlement

Friday, 6 July 2012

Rise in Personal Injury Claims

Insurance analysts have reports there has been a sharp rise in the number of people that are making a personal injury claim after being involved in a road accident despite the fact that the actual number of road accidents has fallen by 11%. It is estimated that this costs the insurance industry an extra £400 million a year.

One of the reasons given the reduced number of accidents happening on the roads is the high cost of petrol which is resulting in less people travelling by car. When compared to previous years though, a higher number of people are making claims for injuries such as whiplash.

All of this of course is having an effect on the rising price of insurance!

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Fraudulent Claim Still Gets Payment

A man who faked the seriousness of his injuries sustained from an accident at work on a forklift has still been rewarded with £90,000 of a £900,000 claim even after the insurance company obtained footage of him leaving a medical examination on crutches, only to be seen walking fine and unaided when he got out at the other end.

Judges decided that the genuine part of his claim could still be kept which was £90,000 but the insurance company, Zurich, are arguing that the whole claim should be thrown out since the majority of it was fraudulent.

You can read more about the case and see the video footage by following the below link.

Monday, 2 July 2012

Accident Blackspot Being Rectified

It’s not just accidents at work where workers can suffer a personal injury, the journey into work can also be filled with hazards on the road as workers all battle for position to get to work on time. Around the country there are a lot of danger hotspots where improvements could be made, one of which is soon to undergo in South Yorkshire.

A new stretch of road is going to join Junction 31 of the M1 to the B6463 junction at Todwick near Rotherham and is looking at being finished by December 2013. The reason for the introduction of this new road is because the road that currently runs from the M1 junction to Todwick crossroads is one of the most dangerous accident blackspots in Yorkshire. From 2006 to 2011 there was:
  • One fatality
  • Seven serious accidents
  • 30 other road accidents.

It’s good to see a council taking note of these statistics and looking to implement a solution to reduce the number of accidents in this area.

Friday, 29 June 2012

Business Liability Insurance

Over the last decade personal injury claims have risen by a considerable amount and whiplash claims have soared by over 70%. With this in mind, it is important for businesses to think about their side and ensure they have public liability insurance in place. If there ever is a claim made against the business then they need to ensure that their business is protected.

With more ‘no win no fee’ claims being made a business needs to cover their goods and premises. You can read more in this article by Endsleigh Insurance.

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Man Stuck as Trench Collapses

I always spend some time looking at different accident at work cases from across the UK, sometimes even the world, and this one caught by eye recently. A man was buried waist deep in a trench on a housing development after the trench collapsed because of a mixture of heavy rain and the digger digging the trench. He suffered serious injuries and the engineering company were fined £10,000 because of the accident.

You can read more at the Ashley Ainsworth compensation claims website.