Friday, 20 July 2012

Types of personal Injury Claims

There are all kinds of instances where people can suffer a personal injury that a claim can be made for from using a solicitor. Here are some of the most common claims:

Trips, slips, falls – falling anywhere can result in an injury; from tripping over a curb whilst walking down the street to slipping on a spillage in the local supermarket. The injuries sustained as well can vary greatly from a small cut or bruise to a full on broken leg.

Accidents in public places – any accident that occurs in a public place could be cause for a claim as hazardous spots should be carefully signposted to try and deter accidents happening.

Spinal injury claims – spinal injuries can happen from being knocked over, involved in a road traffic accident, injured whilst at work or injured from a slip or trip.

Claims involving untraceable drivers – being involved in a hit and run can be very serious so making a claim can help.

Skin disease cases – there are lots of different types of skin diseases that can affect a person’s life either in the workplace or in public places.


  1. About the legal costs procedure in Accident and Personal Injury Claim - there's a scheme called no win no fee or personal injury no win no fee claim or accident no win no fee claim? It means that if you qualify, you do not have to pay your legal fees if you lose your case. This means that even if your road traffic accident compensation claims fail for any reason, you are still not out of pocket.

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  3. If these things happen to you, always seek help of a professional personal injury solicitor. They know best what to do.

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