Monday, 19 March 2012

Birmingham Personal Injury Case

Here’s a story to deter anyone who tries to commit fraud in a personal injury claim. A Birmingham man had to pay £24,000 after his claim was thrown out. The injury in question was from a road accident and involved the person that made the claim being hit from behind by another vehicle which was only travelling at a few mphs. It was claimed that he suffered a whiplash injury from this bump with injuries that lasted for a number of months.

The evidence that was given though became flawed with inconsistencies in witness evidence and medical records and even the claimants job title was bought into question when he was listed as an entertainer when in fact he’s an electrical engineer. He even admitted in open court that this was done to lower his insurance premiums.

This highlights that if you lie and make up details to reduce your insurance premium you will get caught and punished. This is a good example of a fraudulent claim for personal injury Birmingham where the claimant got caught.

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