Thursday, 15 March 2012

Lorraine Kelly off Work Because of Horsing Accident

Whilst not actually an accident at work, this post is about an accident that is keeping someone from work.

TV presenter Lorraine Kelly was injured whilst horse riding and trying to perform a jump which she was not experienced enough to attempt. She fell off the horse and was then stood on by the iron clad foot of the horse by accident. She has recently given her first TV interview about the incident and said she lost a lot of blood, almost three pints, and the recovery from the accident is keeping her from being able to work on her ITV morning show.

She is hoping to return as soon as possible but is currently still struggling to move without the aid of crutches.


  1. Sad to hear about that and she can't claim for work injury claim. Accidents really happen.

  2. that's horrible, maybe work accident lawyer can do something about it..claim for a compensation due to the injury sustained...I hope that she's ok now..

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