Monday, 20 February 2012

Nottingham Road was Voted One of Britain's Worst

If you live in Nottingham then you will most likely be aware of Maid Marian Way which was voted one of Britain’s worst streets back in 2002. The reason for the dislike of the street is not necessarily because of accidents resulting in claim for personal injury Nottingham because the road is dangerous but because of what the road did to the area.

The road slices through Castle Gate, Friar Lane, St. James's Street and a number of others which resulted in many old buildings that held historical interest being destroyed.  The church in the area, St. Nicholas's Church, even lost the majority of its graveyard back when the road was built.

Much has been done since to improve the perception of the road and it was helped to handle larger volumes of traffic and links for pedestrians. It’s good to see a road being improved to make driving and walking safer to reduce claims for personal injuries in Nottingham but it’s important to be aware of the surrounding area and not destroy the surrounding area.

Photo by Stephen McLaren

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