Monday, 30 April 2012

Work Safety in the Middle East

Health and safety gets quite a lot of bad press but the majority of work they do is very important to protected people and ensuring accidents don’t happen. For every bonkers conkers story there is a positive story about the work of health and safety experts doing work that really does help to ensure a safer working environment.

The world’s largest governing body for health and safety, IOSH, do great work both in the UK and around the world and recently the body has been involved in some great improvements to work safety in the Middle East. They recently held an event over there to discuss developing safer workplaces, reducing accident at work occurrences and improving life for workers out there.

The state of Oman has seen its economy grow and so with it its workforce has grown. The safety of these workers needs to be ensured and that’s the aim of the IOSH events.

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