Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Personal Injury from Unfinished Path

Anyone can suffer a personal injury at any time, whether walking down the street or shopping in the supermarket and the resulting injuries vary greatly. Even the smallest fall can result in devastating injuries.

Whilst browsing the web I came across the story of a man how was walking his dog along a footpath when he suddenly fell over because the path wasn’t finished. There were no signs to highlight the fact that the footpath wasn’t finished and the fall resulted in the man being knocked unconscious for a couple of minutes, to wake with his face covered in blood. There are reports of another youngster injuring himself on the same path and people in the area are now calling for something to be done urgently to stop any more accidents happening.

The least that can be done is to erect a sign to warn people of the unfinished path so people need to take more care. Further action may be taken against the person responsible for the upkeep of the path which could result in a personal injury claim.

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