Friday, 11 May 2012

Fresh Eating Bacteria Injury

A girl in America suffered a personal injury out kayaking which resulted in her catching a flesh eating bug which has meant she has had to have one leg amputated. The 24 year old was out enjoying the outdoors when she stopped to have a go on a homemade zip line. When having a go, the line broke and she suffered a bad gash to her leg. After having the wound stapled up, doctors realized it had become infected with the aggressive flesh eating bug known as ‘aeromonas hydrophila’.
Doctors were forced to amputate her leg and may be forced to remove more limbs including her hands and right foot. She is said to be safe from brain damage and lung injury though which is a positive in this sad story. The bacteria works by entering the body through a cut or wound and releasing toxins which then kill tissue and cut off blood flow and moves very very fast.

I hope this story takes a positive development and doctors are able to save the other limbs of this girl who has already had her life completely changed forever by this deadly accident.

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