Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Would a Black Box Help?

To try and reduce the cost of drivers insurance premiums, which is being blamed on bogus whiplash claims, it has been suggested that drivers could have black boxes fitted to their cars. Like the ones used in planes, these boxes would record data about speed, braking, acceleration, cornering and even the time of day of the driver’s journey. This would all be very beneficial data when trying to determine the cause of a road accident and who was at fault. Young drivers and woman have seen of the highest insurance costs so anyway to reduce their premiums would be met with appreciation.

The use of black boxes will help monitor good driving without having to limit night time driving for youngsters and is said to possibly reduce costs by 50%. It’s also been reported that UK young drivers are among some of the safest in the world, yet they are still paying on average £2977 for a young male driver and £1682 for females.
A black box from a plane. Not actually black.
Do you think this type of technology will help?

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