Friday, 22 June 2012

Asbestos Breathe Easy Week

The British Lung Foundation has been running its Breathe Easy Week campaign this week and one of the main focuses has been to raise the awareness of the dangers of asbestos. The different Breathe Easy groups around the UK have been holding events throughout the week as well as this weekend to inform people of the potential dangers asbestos could have for people doing DIY.

The foundation has launched a Take 5 and Stay Alive campaign which features five questions about asbestos such as what is it, where was it used and what does it look like. This is because even though it has been banned since the 90’s, it is still present in some buildings which could be exposed from simply drilling into a wall to put up a shelf.

Work related illnesses such as asbestos is a very important issue so it’s great to see the awareness being raised.

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