Saturday, 25 February 2012

Advice for Motorway Drivers

With regards to yesterdays post about a new ruling which will allow people learning to drive to be able to drive on motorways, here are some tips and advice for any drivers to use so as they don’t suffer a personal injury whilst driving the motorways.

  • If you are going on a long journey on the motorway, then make sure you have done checks on your car to ensure everything is OK
  • Similarly, make sure there is sufficient fuel in the tank for the journey or be aware of petrol stations for if you need one
  • Try and plan your route in advance so you know how long you will be driving on a motorway and when your exit is approaching
  • When you do want to exit the motorway, move into left hand lane as early as you can to avoid any sudden lane changing and cutting up other vehicles
  • Look and always plan ahead to anticipate the traffic movement and what other drivers are doing
  • Make sure you are travelling at a sufficient speed and you are used to the speeds before trying to overtake

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