Friday, 24 February 2012

Leaner Drivers Take to the Motorways

It is being proposed that learner drivers will be allowed on the motorways before having completed their driving tests. At the moment it is illegal for learner drivers to go onto the motorways until they have fully completed their test. The hope is to make young drivers more confident on motorways from the off and it not to be something that is dreaded.

With this extra motorway training it is hoped that it will help to reduce insurance premiums for new drivers, but some drivers are concerned that it will cause more accidents leading to personal injury claims. The argument by those against the plans say that drivers need more experience before driving the motorways since they will struggle in the fast moving traffic.

Although the plans don’t involve making driving on motorways compulsory, it would help new drivers cope with learning to drive on the busiest roads across the country since they would be with an experienced teacher in a dual controlled car.

It will be interesting to see what kind of effects this has on the number of accidents if the changes are put in place.

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