Monday, 27 February 2012

Home Injuries from a Running Machine

When you think of accidents around the home you may think of people injuring themselves doing DIY, cooking accidents involving hot liquids or falling down the stairs. One type of personal injury though that is being reported in Swansea and Birmingham is an increase in people needing plastic surgery and skin grafts due to suffering a personal injury on a home running machine.

The incidents often related to young children who had their hands or forearm trapped under the treadmill belt when an adult was using it and then required skin grafts because of the deep burns. The ‘home gym’ has seen an increase in popularity and so doctors are encouraging both manufacturers, suppliers and parents to be aware of the dangers of using the machines at home.

There’s only so much the manufacturers and suppliers can do though and it the responsibility does rely with the parents to make sure their running machines is set up somewhere in the home where children are not going to be able to injury themselves. Because of this it is unlikely they will be able to pursue a claim for personal injury Birmingham.

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